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Welcome to a space where self-discovery takes center stage. In school, we're taught many things, yet oddly, the curriculum skips a crucial subject: ourselves. Who are we? How do we operate? How does our body function? What about our mind? Why are we here, and what truly brings us happiness? Most of us lack a proper toolkit to answer these questions and tend to conform to societal expectations, letting our full potential slip away.

I too have been in those shoes. Through years of exploring Yoga and Ayurveda while navigating the world of finance, I uncovered a profound truth. There's only one golden bullet that weaves together all facets of our lives... and that's ourselves. The key to life lies in shedding the layers of external opinions and stories that often dominate our day-to-day life and creating space to return to exactly who we truly are.

I specialize in guiding individuals to gain clarity on who they are, why they're here, and how to align their lives with their dharma (natural law/purpose) to embody their fullest potential. Creating lasting change starts within. When we get clear on who we are and uncover our unique blueprint, we shift away from battling against ourselves and drop into harmony with ourselves.

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Embark on a 3+ month journey with me, where together, we'll co-create a structured space for you to authentically connect with yourself and explore all facets of your being. Our bi-weekly 90-minute sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually, providing you with a personalized blueprint. By the end of our time together, you'll emerge established, grounded, and rooted in yourself, equipped with the tools to holistically live a fulfilling life.


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I've been public speaking for more than a decade and have hosted everything from intimate conversation circles to mindfulness retreats to summits with audiences of hundreds.  I focus on cultivating events that are interactive where knowledge can be embodied and implied in the moment. 





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