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1:1 Mentorship

Nothing lights me up more than working with women 1:1. My goal is to walk you deeper inwards so you gain clarity on who you are and what you want. From that place of clarity, I empower you to take action to align your life around your truth ultimately creating inner and outer harmony. 

Your truth is uniquely yours and you're the only one that can determine what's aligned with you and what's not. Therefore, my format is experiential meaning each session will be comprised of an experience using one or more modality that is designed to expand your awareness, cultivate clarity and allow you to answer your own questions. 

I focus on sharing frameworks and tools that not only support you in the moment but can empower you for the rest of your life.




We’ll co-create experiences that provide a structured space for you to clearly hear yourself and explore all facets of your being. Each experience is customized based on what you’re working on and incorporates a variety of modalities (no experience necessary!). When you learn from experiences, rather than being told, not only do you have more confidence in your direction, you're more likely to implement the insights.


I’m here to be your champion - someone you can be open, honest and raw with without any judgment. I create a space for you to show up as the most authentic version of yourself and continue to peel back layer upon layer so you can step into the most expansive version of yourself. The more you dive in, the more you’ll be able to align your life around why, who and what fulfills you. 


I work primarily (but not solely) with women who are committed to themselves and their growth - who know that they are their greatest asset and are ready to invest in themselves. As my work is experiential, I ask for an openness to explore a variety of modalities

Cultivating Harmony

I focus on connecting you to your truth across various aspects of life - all of which are interconnected and start with self-connection. Each of these are vast and encompass many elements (few examples below). We’ll get clear on where you want to focus your time and start there (whether it’s on this list or not!).


  • Working with various layers of your being 

  • Unpacking self perception vs. reality

  • Coping with anxiety

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs 

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Creating a daily routine


  • Defining the essence of your purpose (dharma)

  • Creating a dharma map

  • Exploring manifestations of your purpose (building a business, corporate jobs, etc.)

  • Aligning your work around your dharma


  • Consciously spending
    your time - t
    ime mapping

  • Creating flexible structure 

  • Efficiently using your time by aligning all aspects of life around your truth



  • 90-minute bi-weekly experiential sessions (virtual or in-person in LA) aligned to your specific goals 

  • 1:1 support in-between as needed via voice note/text/email 

  • Online portal with session notes, action items, and additional topical resources 

  • Free access to my online library (yoga/meditation)

3-Month Commitment, $450-650/month

*prices subject to change, sliding scale

I offer a free call for us to connect

Why me?

I embody what I share. I’ve failed, gotten up, tried different things and found my path. I wouldn’t ask you to do something I haven’t done myself. I’m proud of who I am, the way I live my life and what I’ve built. I live by this philosophy using these tools everyday.

I’ve been studying yoga for over 10 years. I’m a 500+ registered yoga teacher, sound practitioner, breathwork and meditation instructor. I've also worked in finance for 10 years and have been mentoring women in the corporate world for just as long.


"I've spent three years in therapy, read many self help books, and had countless conversations with my friends/parents as I've struggled to find meaning and my purpose in my twenties. After only a few sessions with Bre, I had so much more clarity around my goals and a greater sense of self worth. Bre helped me to celebrate what makes my path different from many of my peers, and taught me how to embrace spending time alone. Bre is like having a much cooler and wiser older sister, who actively listens to your story, provides unbiased advice, and challenges you to explore your thoughts and emotions. 
I met with Bre for only six virtual sessions, but I feel as if she knows me better than my best friends. The support that Bre provides for her clients is much more than a 90-minute session -- her follow up on tools that you can use to alleviate the obstacles that you are currently facing is what makes working with her SO amazing and worth it. Bre provided personalized meditations to help with my anxiety / insomnia (which worked), thoughtful follow up emails to help me explore and ponder relationships with others and myself, and countless encouraging texts throughout the week. I'm so inspired by Bre and cannot wait to continue exploring my purpose. Thank you for everything!"
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