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All of these tools have fundamentally transformed my life, and I incorporate them into a variety of my experiences. I believe we learn best through direct experience and have found these to be the most effective tools to drop us out of our minds and into our hearts. To create the life we desire, we first have to understand who we are and all of these modalities have been used for thousands of years to do just that.  



Ayurveda is the science of life. It's a holistic healing system that brings us back to our true nature. I use Ayurveda to help you deepen your understanding of yourself, your imbalances and your connection to the world around you. 



Your breath is the basis of your energy. It's one of your most powerful tools to create connection between your physical body and deeper states of being. I utilize a variety of pranayama techniques to shift and expand your energy. 



Writing is a powerful tool that allows you to organize your thoughts and feeling. I offer a variety of journaling prompts to uncover what's at the root of your various thoughts/feelings. 

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Sound, in a variety of formats, has been used for thousands of years to facilitate deeper self-connection. I use the vibrational nature of sound to help you access your unique vibration, clear distractions and explore your true nature.



Meditation is the practice of pausing to clearly hear yourself. I lead you through guided meditations and help you build a practice that works for you. 



Yoga means to yoke, to merge ~ to be in union with oneself. I utilize the full scope of yoga philosophy (not only asana) to inform frameworks that peel back the layers of yourself and cultivate insights as to who you really are.



Mantras are sounds, words or phrases that are repeated with an intention behind them. Words have a vibrational frequency that resonate throughout all layers of our being. I use mantras to reinforce and focus attention towards a stated intention. 



We are all born as highly creative beings yet we often lose touch with our creative nature as we grow up. I use art to help you reconnect to your playful and creative side and also unlock things that may be challenging to verbalize.

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