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Work with me 1:1

There's nothing quite like working with someone you connect with one on one. I've received some of my greatest insights through 1:1 experiences with my own mentors, teachers and coaches. 


I work with women one on one to help them get clear on who they are, why they're here and how they operate, so they can align their lives around their truth to embody their fullest potential.  I pour my heart and soul into this work and my testimonials speak for themselves. If you feel drawn to work with me, I have no doubt we will co-create an incredible life shifting experience.


Embark on a 3+ month journey with me, where together, we'll co-create a structured space for you to authentically connect with yourself and explore all facets of your being. Our bi-weekly 90-minute sessions can be conducted in-person or virtually, providing you with a personalized blueprint. By the end of our time together, you'll emerge established, grounded, and rooted in yourself, equipped with the tools to live a fulfilling life across all aspects.


Holistic Life Strategy

90-Minute Experience

Uncover your true self and purposefully reshape your life in this customized session. Designed to address a specific focus area of your choice, you'll receive tailored guidance and actionable strategies to align your life with your truth. Leave with practical tools for instant positive changes, paving the way to lasting fulfillment. Discover practical insights and strategies that empower your journey to a harmonious and purposeful life.

Sound Meditation

90-Minute Experience

Embark on a transformative sound meditation journey—a gateway to heightened consciousness. Let the power of sound guide you from the mind to the heart, creating a space to explore new possibilities and unveil your inner presence. 

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